100% natural stockfish

Stockfish from Lofoten is wildly caught skrei (cod) from the sea, fishing right outside Lofoten. The stockfish contains no additives or preservatives, and is the result of a long natural drought and ripening process, just as the Vikings did it 1000 years ago. 


The stockfish from Brødrene Andreassen Værøy is made from wild-caught skrei (cod) from the sea areas around Lofoten. The fish is caught and hung on the racks between February and April. Stable temperatures between 0 ° to 5 ° C, some wind, the right amount of precipitation and temperatures that neither provide frost or heat, mean that the weather, at Værøy, is optimal for natural-drying fish.

The fish is completely dried from mid-May to mid-June, depending on size. After the fish is taken down from the racks, it is matured in the stockfish warehouse to get its right taste and maturity.

The fish is matured for about a month before the selection process starts. Here, each fish is sorted by quality, size, colour, smell and appearance. There are around 20 different quality categories, so all our customers get exactly what they want