Hand-cut quality

Lutefisken to Brødrene Andreassen Værøy  has for decades been produced according to the same old traditional recipe. Along with good raw materials and optimal drying conditions, we have for generations produced lutefisk, which today is titled "The World's Best Lutefisk"

Like the stockfish, winter fishing is the starting point for the lutefisk. Here, wild-caught skrei (cod)  are caught, gutted and prepared for hanging on the racks. The fish we use for our lutefisk- production, we have an extra good eye to. During the "selection prosess", only the best quality is sorted out and used for lutefisk.

The lutefisk production itself is a provident process. Here we have through experience, found the perfect balance between lye and water. This, along with only hand-crafted products, gives a good taste, a fine texture, and a delicate look.